Health insurance is important when calculating chiropractic costs. Chiropractic rebates are common in Australian private health insurance plans, lowering out-of-pocket costs. It’s important to check your policy or contact your insurer to determine your chiropractic treatment coverage. You can make informed healthcare decisions and budget accordingly.

Dr Logan has a recognised Provider Number, which is acknowledged by all Private Health Insurers. We are able to process private health claims through HICAPS in our office, or provide detailed receipts if you prefer.

Generally, Dr Bill does not accept third party insurance claims, including motor vehicle accident claims and Workcover claims. We are happy to refer patients in these situations to excellent chiropractors in their area.

Maximise your healthcare investment with Connective Chiropractic. Australian private health plans often include chiropractic rebates, reducing your expenses significantly. It’s wise to review your insurance policy or consult your provider about coverage for chiropractic services. Dr. Logan’s services are recognised by all Private Health Insurers, and we simplify your claims process with on-the-spot HICAPS transactions or detailed receipts upon request. While we typically don’t handle third-party insurance claims like motor vehicle accidents and Workcover, we’re committed to connecting you with trusted chiropractors who do. Make informed decisions about your chiropractic care and manage your health budget with confidence.

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